African Civilian Response Capacity
for Peace Support Operations

AFCAP — African Civilian Capacity

AFCAP is an outcome of deliberations of the Recruitment & Deployment Workshop co-organized by AFDEM and ZIF and held in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe in September 2010. Deliberations during the workshop resulted in a major recommendation of establishing a loose working group called the AFCAP (African Civilian Capacity), following. AFCAP is an offshoot of the International Civilian Capacities (CIVCAP and serves as an African branch and coordinated by AFDEM. AFCAP serves as a platform for engaging, consulting and information dissemination on integrating Training, Recruitment & Deployment among other related topics.

Mode of Engagement

Avenues and channels for dialogue and information are mainly web-based; however on-demand meetings/workshops will be convened. AFCAP seeks to promote vertical and lateral coordination, integration, interoperability and synergy amongst trainers, rosters and end users (AU/RECs/INGOs/UN).What does AFCAP seek to achieve the ultimate goal of AFCAP is to significantly contribute to the efforts of harmonizing Training, Recruitment and Deployment of Civilian personnel for Peace Operations within the African context and in line with efforts at the continental level under the African Union and globally under the United Nations.

This will be achieved through the objectives outline:

  • Creating a for forum for engagements, consultations, information dissemination on technical issues and aspects of civilian training, rostering, recruitment and deployment;
  • Develop a sustainable network of all stakeholders responsible for the effective civilian participation in peace operations;
  • Spawn robust initiatives that will engage stakeholders in addressing challenges of linking training, recruitment and deployment;
  • Manage and coordinate a web-based information hub which will be utilized by all stakeholders (AU, RECs, INGOs, UN)

AFCAP Events to date:

  • Recruitment and Deployment Workshop—September 2010, Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
  • Training Workshop on Recruitment for African Civilian Capacity
  • Regular E-Discussions