African Civilian Response Capacity
for Peace Support Operations

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  NRC seconds Naser Hussain to AFDEM

The Norwegian Refugee Council seconded Naser Hussain from Pakistan for a 3 months assignment with AFDEM. This was an opportunity for the 2 rosters to enhance internal capacities as well as share best practices on rostering.

  AFDEM deploys Civilain Experts to
AFDEM successfully deployed 2 candidates to the ECCAS Civilian Component. Charles Kumbu Maphasi was deployed as the Civil Planning Officer and Cyriaque Allogo Mba as the Civilian Rostering Officer.
  Arabic professionals
Urgent need for Arabic professionals with solid experience in the follwoing areas:
1. Civil Affairs
2. Politcal Affairs
3. Human Rights
4. Constitutional Dratfing
5. Security Sector Reform