African Civilian Response Capacity
for Peace Support Operations


  1. How do l apply to become part of AFDEM Rapid Deployment Capacity?
    Complete an online application that AFDEM will review and revert back to you

  2. What type of contracts does AFDEM offer and how long are the contracts?
    AFDEM does not offer any contracts but employment contracts are determined by the recruiting international agencies working on the ground. These vary with each organization.

  3. What does the application process involve?
    This involves an intense screening process that ensures the suitability of candidates. The procedure includes prelimi nary, advanced and positions screening; reference checks; oral and where applicable written interviews.

  4. Does AFDEM offer training once I am accepted?
    AFDEM has partnerships with training organizations i.e. ACCORD's Training for Peace Programme, Cairo Centre for Training on Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa, Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies, LECIA amongst others. Candidates are encouraged to attend courses organized by the partners. AFDEM makes course information available once provided by the training institutions.

  5. Do I need to be screened to be considered for a post?
    Yes, all applicants are pre-screened upon acceptance. Once you have been successfully accepted you are automati cally considered for vacancies. However some positions will require further screening. You will be notified if advanced screening is required.

  6. How does AFDEM send out vacancy notices?
    Candidates who meet the job requirements are contacted directly and through electronic broadcast.

  7. Am I notified before my name is put forward to an organisation as a candidate?
    As policy we always contact the candidate first to check whether the candidate is available and interested.

  8. If I receive a job offer after AFDEM has put my name forward, can I refuse it?
    In order to maintain our credibility with requesting agencies, we encourage candidates to accept employment offers made to them.

  9. If I get a deployment opportunity, does my family come with me to my duty station?
    This depends on the status of the duty station. Where security cannot be guaranteed especially in conflict areas then you probably won't be able to take your family with you. If the deployment is to a stable environment then your family might be allowed to travel with you. Again this is determined by the vacancy terms of reference. Vacancies are quite clear on whether a mission is a family or non family duty station.

  10. When do I get deployed after acceptance?
    AFDEM is mandated to support humanitarian and peace support operations by availing African expertise through a capacity of professionals. The organization does not therefore guarantee the deployment time frame. Various factors determine deployment timeframes.

  11. I am a serving member with my country police service and I am interested in joining AFDEM. Please advise me on the procedure.
    As a policy AFDEM does not accept applications from any serving member of the uniformed forces. AFDEM is strictly a civilian capacity. We do however consider applications from retired police or military members.

  12. I get paid to go on mission?
    Most of the vacancies are professional positions, meaning they are paid positions. The levels of remuneration vary enormously depending on one’s qualifications and experience.

AFDEM Mandate

In line with end user requirements in peacekeeping and humanitarian relief operations, AFDEM has determined a set of generic requirements against which applications are evaluated.

These include:

  • University degree or relevant equivalent training

  • Multi-year work experience

  • Working exposure in crisis situations desirable

  • Fluent in at least one UN or AU languages

  • Good interpersonal and intercultural skills

  • Good physical condition

  • Driving license and computer skills

  • Availability: often on short notice

Complete the Online Application Form available for DOWNLOAD HERE: Quisque diam lorem, interdum vitae, dapibus ac, scelerisque vitae, pede. Donec eget tellus non erat lacinia fermentum. Donec in velit vel ipsum auctor pulvinar. Proin ullamcorper urna et felis.

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